Strutter Magazine Review


The band MORROW’S MEMORY is coming out of the Detroit/USA area and they are clearly doing something right on their debut CD ‘Moving forward’, because this album sounds like a perfect cross between typical American Modern Rock (RA, HOOBASTANK…) and Melodic Progressive Rock (ENCHANT). Although more bands have tried to mix up modern rock with progressive rock and add melodic rock hooks and choruses, it is very hard to do it as good as on this record by MORROW’S MEMORY. The band has a great lead singer (Tony Fitchett) and instrumental everything sounds quite perfect. If you take away the long instrumental passages of prog and focus on more catchy song based material, but still update the sound to today’s modern rock standards, you will get close to the sound of MORROW’S MEMORY. It has that typical American touch and as mentioned before, it reminds me quite a bit of ENCHANT, although slightly heavier and very song based. Highlights are “Taken” (superb!), “The road”, “Behind your beauty” (super melodic), “Hero in the dark” (actually pure melodic rock) and the titeltrack, which is really close to the classic ENCHANT sound. Instrumental very good and there’s some excellent melodic clean singing going on, while also the vocal harmonies are terrific in each and every song, so this is really a band you need to hear. A song like “Behind your beauty” shows the incredible musicianship of this band and anyone who is interested in a band that combines the best of prog, modern and melodic rock and sounding original at the same time (although ENCHANT fans might absolutely adore this band), this is a band to check out asap at: and e-mail them at:

(Points: 8.7 out of 10)