For me this was a very exciting EP to receive from Detroit based progressive rock quintet Morrow’s Memory. It caught and retained my attention from start to finish, which can often be a challenging task!

They start out stripped back with raw vocals on ‘Bloodlust’, which is very misleading, before adding in pulsating drums and memorable riffs. Their style is upbeat but heavy, the rougher vocals and the chords that almost hang in the air, along with the intensity increasing solo on ‘Ones And Zeros’, make that the strongest track in my opinion. The drumming, however, is the aspect that puts it ahead of the other songs; it demands your focus and your headbanging, and it drives the track onwards.

‘For You’ continues to show how multi-faceted Morrow’s Memory really are, similar in style to Incubus at the start before flowing into a grunge like chorus powerful enough to make the Foo Fighters wish they’d thought of it. A total contrast comes next: the passionate piano melodies in ‘Sapphire’ (previously released in 2013) dance around beautifully; it isn’t depressing but it is definitely the most sombre song on the EP, bleeding more emotion than the other tracks. Rightly so, the EP doesn’t end there, but rather on the much louder and forceful ‘Find My Own Way’, making the record come back around in full circle to where it began.


Rhiannon Lane