Morrow’s Memory on Top Rock Radio (UK) – Free MP3 Recording

We were recently featured on Top Rock Radio by DJ Beerman! Top Rock Radio is an awesome hard rock and metal internet radio station broadcasted out of the UK. Our songs “Abandoned” and “Hero In The Dark” were aired and are now available by request 24/7. We are definitely happy to have been a part of the show and appreciate all of the kind words and feedback that we’ve received from the station and listeners of the station!

Click here to listen to our Top Rock Radio debut (the clip contains medium quality recordings of “Abandoned” and “Hero In The Dark”, as well as a plug before and after by DJ Beerman):

Click Here To Download

To tune in to Top Rock Radio, go here:


– MM

Morrow’s Memory on 89X!

We are very proud to announce that we received our radio debut this past Sunday when 89X (88.7 FM – Windsor/Metro-Detroit) aired our song “Abandoned”! We’d like to extend special thanks to Jay Hudson from 89X for supporting local music and featuring our song! Tune in to the 89X Homeboy Show on Sundays at 10pm!

Update To Our Friends and Fans

A lot of people have been asking us what we are up to, when we will be doing shows, where they can purchase our music and when we will be releasing a full-length album.

As of right now we are writing music in preparation for our first show. We are currently wrapping up our sixth song, which happens to be our first “epic” song. Once we have enough material written for a show, we will be informing everyone of when and where to go to catch it! We are very excited to get out and perform, but also understand that creative works take time; and writing music is no exception. But we already have bands interested in performing with us and venues in mind! We will keep you posted!

We recently recorded three songs at Minx Recording Studio for promotional purposes only. You can download our song “Hero In The Dark” for free from our homepage and stream the others from our website or Facebook Fan Page. We most likely will not be doing a full-length album until later in the year.

Keep checking our website for future updates!

– MM

Morrow’s Memory Facebook Fan Page

We now have a Fan Page on Facebook! If you have a Facebook account and would like to help support the band, please add our page! Although there is more content on this site, the Facebook page allows you to listen to full quality recordings of our songs and by being a fan of our page you will also receive event invites to our upcoming shows.

Here is a link to the page:

Also – There will be a MySpace page to follow soon!


Welcome to our Home Page!

As you can see, the Morrow’s Memory website has been officially launched! Thank you for visiting! We extend special thanks to Ismael Primenta for allowing us to use various pieces of his artwork throughout the site! Please note a few of the features of the site for a more enjoyable experience:

– Do you want a free MP3!? Click the image at the lower right concern of the home page. It will take you to an external location in which you can download a free MP3 of our latest single, “Hero In The Dark”. Enjoy!

– At the bottom left corner of each page you can control the media player which streams low-quality versions of our songs. This way you can listen to our music while navigating the site!

– Do you want to periodically receive updates from the band via email? (i.e. updates on shows, merchandise, etc) Please sign up for our mailing list! You can sign up from our home page.

– The “Fans” section allows you to post messages (if approved) to be seen by the public. Do you like our music or have something else to say? Post to our Fan Wall!

– Would you like to request that we perform a specific song at an upcoming show? Or request something else? Visit our “Tour” page to make requests!