SUMMER 2017 – ISSUE 79

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, MORROW’S MEMORY has released a killer new five track EP called ‘Take Control’, which clocks in at roughly twenty-two minutes long. It’s the band’s second release, which explores a variety of styles including rock, alternative, and progressive. Morrow’s Memory consists of David Locklin (guitar and vocals), Joe Wolford (lead guitar), Steve Berry (bass), Tony Fitchett (lead vocals), and Zach Novak (drums).

Lead guitarist, Joe Wolford, has always been very passionate about music and started learning guitar at a young age. All of the band members have a long history of music projects, from their crappy middle school and high school bands, to much more polished projects in their later years. “Getting Morrow’s Memory going and staying involved was (and still is) just a matter of the right musicians finding each other, sharing the same vision, and having fun with it,” explains Joe.

Each member has many inspirations, but for singer Tony Fitchett, he is very into rock from the nineties, which has a huge influence on what pours out of his brain these days. “The classics like Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, etc. As far as what influenced the lyrics of our new songs, it was personal experiences. Just like most other artists, the emotions come, and I write them down. I tend to keep it vague, because I want the feeling to be there more than having a specific story. Some of our old songs’ meanings have actually changed over time for me, so I enjoy them in a different way now. I hope our fans will be able to say the same as the music ages,” says Tony.

In their downtime away from the band, they each have different careers outside of music. Their interests range from spending time with family and friends, to sports, philanthropy/volunteer work, gaming, animals, cars, travelling, science, space, and engineering.

Like most bands, they’d like to think that they are different than the rest, but truthfully they feel that with music in general, most of what is being done today has already been done before. “We know what we like, and we don’t force ourselves to stick to one specific type of sound. There’s a certain variety, between heavy and soft, and between radio singles and more intricate and lengthier songs. We write, and if we think something sounds good, we try our best to turn it into something great,” reflects Joe.

The band’s new EP, ‘Take Control’, is a polished and mixed snapshot of where Morrow’s Memory is today. Putting out a release was long overdue, and they really wanted to emphasize how they have matured as a band since their debut album. “We thought an EP would give us a great opportunity to put out a variety of songs to showcase our sound. We have a heavy single, ‘Bloodlust’, a soft single, ‘Sapphire’, and single in between, ‘For You’. They’re all catchy and melodic, with some other Morrow’s Memory-isms, but each hits on a different range of our sound,” explains Joe.

The guys also decided to release some songs that don’t follow the traditional rules of radio-style song writing. “We have our balls-to-the-wall epic, ‘Ones and Zeros’, and our feel-good closing track, ‘Find My Own Way,’ which is collectively our favourite song on the EP. We wanted to make a bold statement that we’re back, but it’s only a taste of what’s to come,” he adds.

The band recorded with Mat Halliday at Minx Recording Studio in Toledo, Ohio. They had worked with him in the past and always had a great experience. This time around was no exception. “We write, arrange, and produce all of our own music. We recorded ‘Sapphire’ a while back for a music video, but the rest of the songs were recorded in November and December of 2015. We would essentially travel down to Toledo for a weekend at a time, and the subsequent editing, mixing, and mastering took place through April of 2016. The final release date was July 24th, and we celebrated with a big release show the night before,” says Joe with satisfaction.

After their original keyboardist moved to LA, the band held countless auditions. They screened everyone, but a few slipped through the cracks. Each candidate was to learn three of their songs and prepare anything else they’d like to showcase to the band. “One guy (a little bit older), showed up and instead of pulling his keyboard out of a case, he pulled it out of the manufacturer box, as if he just bought the thing. He said he learned the songs, but forgot his notes, so he couldn’t play them that day. We told him the song keys and asked if he could improvise with us. He proceeded to play along using only one finger with each hand, in a jumbled mess. We asked him if he could play an original piece or literally anything else, and he asked if he could just email us something instead. It was a total train wreck. It was as if he was in the peak of a mid-life crisis, and woke up one day thinking ‘I need to be in a rock band’, headed to Guitar Center, bought a keyboard, and showed up to audition. Unfortunately, he didn’t work out,” smiles Joe.

The band recently got back to performing live and will continue to promote the new release, while also writing new music. “We are really excited about our new material. We test drove one of the new songs at a recent show and it was well-received. We’re going to continue to write for a follow-up release. There’s no telling what’s in store for us, but this is our passion, so we’re going to keep doing what we do best and see where the journey takes us,” concludes Tony.