Morrow’s Memory Press Kit


Sophisticated rock forged with head-banging riffs, lyrics that speak to the masses, and melodies that resonate in your soul. This depicts the elusive sound of Metro-Detroit’s up and coming band – Morrow’s Memory.The band initiated as a musical void that needed to be filled. The journey started with bandmates Joe Wolford (Lead Guitar) and Zach Novak (Drums) seeking the finest musicians of greater Detroit. Over the course of six months, contact with over thirty local musicians and nearly a dozen auditions, as of late September of 2009, the lineup was complete, which included current Lead Vocalist, Tony Fitchett.

Throughout the search for musicians, the band began writing a diverse arrangement of songs. With each new member, a unique element was added into the mold of the Morrow’s Memory sound. The resulting style has been described as a mix of rock, alternative, and progressive. Though their sound is unique, they easily fit the format of most radio stations that feature modern rock.

“Morrow’s Memory” derives from the concept that the future will inevitably become the past. Their lyrics often revolve around common life themes, providing a foundation for the listener to relate to the music. It’s real music, with real lyrics, written by real people. It’s as simple as that.

The band began performing live shows in 2010 in front of packed, enthusiastic audiences, often ending with the crowd repeatedly chanting for an encore. They released their debut album, “Moving Forward” (recorded at Minx Recording Studio), in July of 2011, which has since received significant airplay, reviews, magazine features, and other press worldwide. The band released their first official music video in March of 2013, for their single, “Sapphire”. The song reached the airwaves waves of many radio stations and even made it over the loudspeakers at the Detroit Red Wing’s home, Joe Louis Arena.

Following the success of “Sapphire”, the band began writing for their follow up release, embarked on a year of shows, and announced two lineup changes, which included new members David Locklin (Guitar and Vocals) and Steve Berry (Bass). Shortly after, in November of 2015, the band entered Minx Recording Studio again to start recording their follow up EP, “Take Control”, which was released worldwide on July 24th, 2016 and has received an overwhelming positive reception. Be sure to continue following Morrow’s Memory on the web to stay updated with any other ventures that the band decides to pursue.






‘Take Control’ is a vigorous, empowering, never-stopping set of rock tracks that hits you fast and hard. Morrow’s Memory has continued to challenge themselves creatively, without getting too far away from what makes them great. The songwriting is melodic and catchy, but still showcases the aggressive side of the band. ‘Take Control’ will be one of the year’s best.
– Rick Jamm, JamSphere Magazine
‘Take Control’ consists of five well-crafted, finely polished, hard rockin’, foot stompin’, head bangin’ worthy songs that will pack a punch right into your sternum sending a flood of chemicals through your adrenal system until you can’t help but to jump off your ass and start playing along with your favorite air instrument of choice.
– Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music
Powerful. Energetic. A musical discovery you’ll take pride in. Morrow’s Memory is one of those bands that makes you think ‘Whoa, where has this band been all my life?’ after listening to them. Yes, they are that good.
– Justyn Brodsky, Artist Reach
Morrow’s Memory is a heaping portion of fiery passion smothered in controlled chaos with a side of unadulterated badassery. Take Control is by far one of the most intense and stunning EPs released in the recent past.
– April Baggins, Bloodrock Media
This is the way ROCK is supposed to sound! Morrow’s Memory has zero worries when it comes to the sheer amount of talent in their band – every member has brought their very best to this impressive record and it’s something tangible you can truly hear.
– Jeremy Gladstone, SleepingBagStudios
While the independent music scene is ever-so-inundated with rock outfits, well-produced acts are still a rarity. Morrow’s Memory, a five piece group from Detroit, breaks that mold with their latest studio endeavor, ‘Take Control.’ The collection is an intriguing jaunt through hard, alternative, and metal rock musings that’s surprisingly cohesive, offering several twists and turns along the way for the listener. The performances are fantastic and the record is superbly produced, making Morrow’s Memory’s new EP one of the better rock releases of 2017 in the indie scene thus far.
– Brett David Stewart, WELAB Magazine
For me this was a very exciting EP to receive. It caught my attention from start to finish, which can often be a challenging task! ‘For You’ continues to show how multi-faceted Morrow’s Memory really are, similar in style to Incubus at the start before flowing into a grunge like chorus powerful enough to make the Foo Fighters wish they’d thought of it.
– Rhiannon Lane, Power Play Magazine
After struggling through a lot of pretenders in this crowded field, we came across a great band that hits the hard rock mainstream with powerful punch. There is superb musicianship from each band member throughout the album. Bottom Line: Morrow’s Memory is a great band in a crowded musical space. If they can differentiate themselves and rise above the phonies and imitators they can become the next hard rock band you hear all over the radio.
Morrow’s Memory is the complete musical package. Great songs, catchy lyrics, and a live set that will melt the skin right off your face! Expect to see big things from these guys very soon!
– Phil Kukawinski, 89X Radio DJ
Six passionate men, a crowded venue, and one great show. Morrow’s Memory rocked the stage as if they owned it. They killed their high-energy set with the presence of seasoned professionals. With all the determination of a pack of wild animals, Morrow’s Memory is ready to claw their way to the top of the music industry’s food chain!
– Jordan Sarah Weatherhead, Detroit Live Magazine
The angst-infused, rifftastic ‘Abandoned’, the rather slower but wondrous ‘Taken’ and the bombastic, harmony-laden ‘Let You Down’ in the first half of the album combined with the dynamic ‘Fall In Line’, the initially understated ‘Hero In The Dark’ and the previously praised title track underpin an album where there is not a single filler.
– Paul Jerome Smith, Fireworks Magazine
Imagine 1) Tool a little less introverted, 2) Korn – better dressed, 3) a more mature Linkin Park, and 4) everything you love about rock guitar…imagine that and you are one step closer to discovering Morrow’s Memory. This is hard rock music at its finest and nothing is stopping these guys from taking over radio. The next thing I would expect is to see them pop up in a city near you.”
– Jedi Smo, Middle Tennessee Music
You’ll find a never ending urge to always have more, which is exactly the characteristics of new release, Sapphire. The dark enticement and instant emotive hold, taking a soft but firmly decisive grip on your heart, stirs a desire to relish in the soul striking lure of the purity in the moment captured. And that is where Morrow’s Memory has me completely smitten.
– Siobhan Chapman,
The new single “Sapphire”, lives up to the anticipation thrust upon it after the band’s brilliant debut album. With a slower, more of a post-grunge sounding pace, the song is unabashedly melodic, unashamedly intense, and breathtakingly epic in scope.
– Rick Jamm, JamSphere Indie Magazine
All I Can Say Is WOW… Morrow’s Memorys music is all around AMAZING!! Love the tunes!! Everyone needs to have Morrow’s Memory on their playlist NOW!!
– HellBilly,
Punch in the face combination of vocals, heavy guitar, and head banging rhythm!
– Todd Wales,
Take Control is the band’s most ambitious and perhaps aerodynamic album yet. This record is pushing the limits of what is accepted for the rock sound and fans of the band agree.
– Jess,
Morrow’s Memory, with the release of their debut album, ‘Moving Forward’, demonstrate that they can be sweet, ferocious and aggressive, as and when needed. They can stand shoulder to shoulder with the masters of rock. You realize that this band ain’t ever going down without a fight. It’s a rallying cry that permeates much of the of the album. And that’s exactly what you need, to make it in rock n’ roll music.
– Rick Jamm, JamSphere Indie Magazine
Fist-pumping hard rock and alternative grooves, combined with sophisticated prog metal elements. They are clearly quality musicians keen to push progressive music out of a nerdy ghetto.
– Prog Magazine
Morrow’s Memory has put together a very strong album. They’re clearly gunning for the spotlight and with singles like these, they are likely to achieve that.
– Jeff Higgins,
I usually need a second or third listen before I can get into a rock song, but these guys had my attention early. Their instrumentation and song structure are really captivating, plus the lyrics and mix are really clean as well.
– James,
There is a real classic influence in their music, pulled right into the 21st century. Their excellent style of playing certainly takes all the boxes when it comes to producing the finest hard rock in my book!
– DJ Beerman, Top Rock Radio
Moving Forward’ is an excellent release and Morrow’s Memory is a band worthy of wider popularity!
– Artur Chachlowski, Maly Leksykon Wielkich Zespolow
Tantalizing and powerful, Morrow’s Memory are tomorrow’s reality…and this one is certainly memorable.
– Dave Attrill,
Anyone who is interested in a band that combines the best of prog, modern and melodic rock and sounding original at the same time, this is a band to check out asap
– Strutter Magazine
In terms of evoking emotions with their music, the band scores high marks at nearly every turn…Morrow’s Memory has a polished sound and is well worth checking out.
– Wolf, Mountain Weekly News
Album Highlights are ‘Let You Down’ and ‘ Hero In The Dark’ which both have great melodies and classic choruses, but all ten track here are well worth a listen. All in all then, this is a good debut which should give the band a good grounding to build on for the future.
– David Wilson,
Groundbreaking music style! Powerful vocals! Awesome melodies! It kicks f’n a$$!
– Sean Johnson, Lucid Impulse

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