Morrow’s Memory

Sophisticated rock forged with head-banging riffs, lyrics that speak to the masses, and melodies that resonate in your soul. This depicts the elusive sound of Metro-Detroit’s up and coming band – Morrow’s Memory.The band initiated as a musical void that needed to be filled. The journey started with bandmates Joe Wolford (Lead Guitar) and Zach Novak (Drums) seeking the finest musicians of greater Detroit. Over the course of six months, contact with over thirty local musicians and nearly a dozen auditions, as of late September of 2009, the lineup was complete, which included current Lead Vocalist, Tony Fitchett.

Throughout the search for musicians, the band began writing a diverse arrangement of songs. With each new member, a unique element was added into the mold of the Morrow’s Memory sound. The resulting style has been described as a mix of rock, alternative, and progressive. Though their sound is unique, they easily fit the format of most radio stations that feature modern rock.

“Morrow’s Memory” derives from the concept that the future will inevitably become the past. Their lyrics often revolve around common life themes, providing a foundation for the listener to relate to the music. It’s real music, with real lyrics, written by real people. It’s as simple as that.

The band began performing live shows in 2010 in front of packed, enthusiastic audiences, often ending with the crowd repeatedly chanting for an encore. They released their debut album, “Moving Forward” (recorded at Minx Recording Studio), in July of 2011, which has since received significant airplay, reviews, magazine features, and other press worldwide. The band released their first official music video in March of 2013, for their single, “Sapphire”. The song reached the airwaves waves of many radio stations and even made it over the loudspeakers at the Detroit Red Wing’s home, Joe Louis Arena.

Following the success of “Sapphire”, the band began writing for their follow up release, embarked on a year of shows, and announced two lineup changes, which included new members David Locklin (Guitar and Vocals) and Steve Berry (Bass). Shortly after, in November of 2015, the band entered Minx Recording Studio again to start recording their follow up EP, “Take Control”, which was released worldwide on July 24th, 2016 and has received an overwhelming positive reception. Be sure to continue following Morrow’s Memory on the web to stay updated with any other ventures that the band decides to pursue.

David Locklin
Guitar and Vocals

David Locklin moved from Nottingham, England to change the face of music in Detroit. He always knew he would play guitar in a progressive, forward thinking rock band. Then he found Morrow’s Memory.

Music has always been a huge part of his life, with many influences forging his guitar and backing vocal styles. Since a young age, David has been involved in various bands, projects, and even tried out for Britain’s Got Talent… The shame! Keeping with the British theme, David plays Marshall Amplifiers exclusively. There are no endorsements deals just yet.

In real life, David has the awesome responsibility of training guide dogs for blind people. In his spare time you may often find him chilling at the bar, listening to music, or spending time with family and friends.

Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life…

Joe Wolford
Lead Guitar

Joe Wolford is an up and coming guitarist and songwriter out of Metro-Detroit that prides himself on his obsession with music. At the age of ten, his curiosity lead him to purchase a cheap and beat-up electric guitar for fifty-five dollars at a local pawn shop. Although it still remains the worst guitar he’s ever played, this particular guitar marked the beginning of his musical trek. Over the course of roughly two years of lessons, Joe went through five different guitar teachers and eventually continued his music education through self-learning methods. At the same time, he began idolizing the guitar works of John Petrucci, Randy Rhoads, Jimi Hendrix, and Steve Vai.

Over the years, Joe has been involved with many different bands and side projects, where he wrote and performed music primarily within the rock genre. More recently, he collaborated with current Morrow’s Memory drummer, Zach Novak for three years as the lead guitarist of Fate Arising. Though the band did receive some level of success; after releasing two albums and receiving airplay on commercial radio, it eventually came to an end. Shortly thereafter Joe and Zach began to collaborate once again on a new project now known as Morrow’s Memory.

Outside of the band, Joe has degrees in both Computer Science and Mathematics and works as a Software Developer. You will often find him listening to music, catching up on episodes of his favorite TV shows, spending time with friends, traveling when he can or simply seeking new life experiences. In simplest terms, he makes the most out of life with the time that he has. All that he requests of you is that you give his band’s music an honest listen.


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Steve Berry

Steve, son of a career military officer, spent his youth on the move. With the challenges he faced adapting to new cities, countries and cultures, Steve’s constant was music. Music was always there for him, for his every feeling and feat. From family road trips listening to R&B in the van to sneaking out to rock shows in our Nation’s Capitol, Steve’s life has been written with a musical score.

He first picked up the bass guitar in a friend’s basement in Washington, DC, and found his true passion. Though Steve never had any formal music training, he picked it up and rapidly progressed from a natural rhythm and talent. A musical chameleon, he has played in a variety of genres – folk, funk, classic rock, alternative and metal; covers and originals. The places Steve’s music has taken him – from jamming in basements to smokey bars to music festivals. Whether playing with a good friend or opening for a national act, Steve feels at home while just simply playing good music.


Tony Fitchett
Lead Vocals

Learning guitar at the age of twelve, and singing in choir since 8th grade, Tony Fitchett has always been able to play anything he hears.

Tony grew up working on and racing muscle cars with his father while listening to both Classic and 90’s rock. Realizing that the auto industry wasn’t the way to go, he started a band with his High school friends. Pocket Change was the name of their first attempt at a cover band, eventually evolving into Half Past Change when they started writing originals.

Even though Half Past Change was beginning to write powerful music and get a solid fan base, Tony left them to take a stab at the “simple life”. In order to avoid a long story of trials, tribulations and heartache…. We will just say that it didn’t work out. He slowly realized music was the key to his sanity. He attempted to amend his mistake of leaving music, but all of the members of the old band were now too busy to re-unite. Thus Tony went on quest for a new band. He then found Joe and Zach through the glorious magic that is the internet.

The rest is history.

Zach Novak

There are many types of drummers. Some just play what they’re told; they do so with the technical prowess and rigidity of a robot made for the single purpose of driving the band. Others play what they feel and look for a way to imprint their own character onto the music: the perfect complement to a band’s sound. Zach Novak falls into this category of drummer.

A musician’s background can be diverse in terms of what influences they’ve had and the journey taken to get where they are. There are milestones along the way, but it will always be something of a mythology to others. Zach began playing the drums early on in high school and was largely self-taught. Marching band drumline experience was an essential experience to his development during this time. Not long after high school, he teamed up alongside current Morrow’s Memory guitarist, Joe Wolford, for their band Fate Arising.

Zach’s basic mantra as a drummer is: there will always be somebody better than you and always someone worse – you can’t get caught up with comparisons. What matters at the end of the day is whether or not you feel you are as good as you should be for yourself. But of course, a true drummer knows that their journey is never complete…


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