Beyond The Record Review


Take Control is the band’s most ambitious and perhaps aerodynamic album yet. Self-assured by virtue of Tony Fitchett’s vocal capabilities alone, Morrow’s Memory’s creative expression through these songs heard on this record is compelling and inspiring to other artists. The group has had escalating popularity attributed reliability of promising album releases and has gained a loyal following ever since.

While the steadiness and climb to the top is important, this record in particular, is reminiscent of rock music’s past, with a modern front; combining fan bases from old school eras and the new kids on the block. The five tracks grab you with big power chords, though typical of the genre, that isn’t the case on how the music is executed. This record is pushing the limits of what is accepted for the rock sound and fans of the band agree. The undertones or overtones of crushing bass work by Steven Berry has got to be one of the best and lives to inspire young bassists alike. Steven’s tone sticks out in my mind and really unites the music within the rhythm section between the bass and drums.

The guitars organically greet the music, in a not so polite manner, as the perfect backdrop between the subtle emotions within the songs. The tracks chosen are perhaps an underscore of a journey, maybe inspired by their own life experiences and breathes life into each passage; yet undoubtedly indicative of each member’s love of art.

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