We’ve received a number of great reviews of our new EP, “Take Control” this past month. Head over to our Press Kit page to see new reviews from Artist Reach, Bloodrock Media, Flyah Magazine, SleepyBagStudios, Stepkid Magazine, and Unknown Music Circle.

Here are some quotes from the above reviews:

Powerful. Energetic. A musical discovery you’ll take pride in. Morrow’s Memory is one of those bands that makes you think ‘Whoa, where has this band been all my life?’ after listening to them. Yes, they are that good.
– Justyn Brodsky, Artist Reach
Morrow’s Memory is a heaping portion of fiery passion smothered in controlled chaos with a side of unadulterated badassery. Take Control is by far one of the most intense and stunning EPs released in the recent past.
– April Baggins, Bloodrock Media
This is the way ROCK is supposed to sound! Morrow’s Memory has zero worries when it comes to the sheer amount of talent in their band – every member has brought their very best to this impressive record and it’s something tangible you can truly hear.
– Jeremy Gladstone, SleepingBagStudios