Our debut album was just reviewed by (UK) and they scored it a 9.5/10!! We don’t have a direct link to the review, but you can read it below if you’d like:

Prog and thrash… prog and metal…prog and grunge.. All three have been tried up to date, notably the daring latter.

Detroit six-piece Morrow’s Memory commendably mislead with their debut album’s opening keyboard instrumental ‘Eternal Rest’ but that of course, we feel is the fun of it with these ’ere crossovers. Those who approach a prog rock cd wearing plastic gloves need not worry about a lavish display of Labrie theatrics sitting in wait for there is a grandly gutsy angst metal voice provided by Tony Fitchett instead.

Despite what you’re due to think, these nine songs are nicely pure in their crossover element, instead of pieces from each side of the box stuck together. Both the deep progressive and alternative engines run in wonderfully tight tandem, taking ‘Abandoned’, ‘Evolve’, ‘Let You Down’, ‘The Road’, ‘Hero In the Dark’ and ’Moving Forward’ to two plus hopefully many other open -minded droves of the metal -loving faithful.

The scene’s two most conflicting subgenre will draw conflicting subgenres together rather than drive acrimoniously apart, with the thoroughly driving guitars of Joe Wolford and Brian Sasanas. Lines, chords, choruses and ultra-crippling rhythms all come together solid hard with a strong likeness to Brit prog favourites Awake as soon as you’re in by the second track.

Tantalizing and powerful, Morrow’s Memory are tomorrow’s reality…and this one is certainly memorable.


By Dave Attrill